A Studio Elopement


One time I went in for an interview with a women’s shelter and they asked me what I was most passionate about in life. What an interview question, yeeeeesh. I thought about it for a bit, and responded, “I’ve always sought to help people. And I guess the people I’m most passionate about are women.”

I mean, I’m passionate about a lot of people. Find me out on the streets every weekend protesting injustices to minorities. But what keeps me awake at night tends to be issues related to women. So when I was asked to come on to volunteer with Build + Bloom as their SISTERXSISTER Director, I was like FAM YES.

SISTERXSISTER is a free monthly networking group for young women interested in creative media. We meet in-person in more than a dozen cities nationwide, connecting girls who are makers- whether that’s blogging, photography, modeling, graphic design- there’s room for everybody at the table. 

And sometimes, in these monthly networking meetups, we plan big photo shoots. So everything you see here is brought to you by sisterxsister. Everybody that came on to help put this together met through sisterxsister. Photographer Krys Patton and I coordinated and produced the entire elopement, and all of the vendors will be linked below, too! 


Thanks to everybody who made this shoot possible! Thanks to Krys Patton for organizing and to Sky Mejias for renting her studio space out to us. If you’re interested in finding the sisterxsister event nearest you, click here. If you’d like to bring sisterxsister to your town, send an email to sister@buildandbloom.co! 

Bride: Isabella Porto
Groom: John Dinh
Makeup: Daisy Porto
Gown: Gypsy Bride
Jewelry: Hillary Davenport
Floral Arch: Femmenique
Flower crown: Slate Floral