Kara McCurdy Photography

Anna + Justin - Down by the River Engagement Session

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, these two are more fond of each other than anyone else I’ve ever met. The majority of their relationship has been long-distance. 

Those of us who have done long-distance know that the actual distance doesn’t matter; it’s not about how far you are from each other. It’s the time that goes by and the life events that occur while your other half is missing. But when you see them again, it’s nothing but love and cuddling up and fingers intertwined and smelling their skin and tracing the wrinkles on their face from smiling so hard and just being surrounded by their warmth. It’s like Christmas every day.

These two couldn’t help but hang all over each other the entire session. They were so giggly and giddy to be with each other! I never had to tell them to look at each other or smile or fake a laugh- they were overflowing with happiness!

Their love was pretty cute… but they were also super down for whatever I wanted to do. Like me texting them an hour before their session, “hey I found an even better location 10 minutes from the original location… want to switch?” Or when I said, “so there’s a river…. want to get in?” Justin just rolled up his pants and went straight in!

A little bit of dancing, a whole lot of kissing, and a few “WHOA WATCH YOUR STEP!”s later, and we were drying off and heading back up to the cars.

This is why I absolutely love travel sessions. How weird and fateful that I would be traveling to another state, just a few hours away from Anna at the exact same time that Justin would be flying in to visit Anna? I feel so lucky to have been able to be at the right place at the right time and to watch their love bloom :’)

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