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Ryan + Kimberly - Central Park Secret Engagement Session

Kimberly reached out about a couple session to celebrate their new move to South Korea. A few weeks later I got a text from her boyfriend, Ryan,”Hey, can you call me?” Cut to three minutes later and I’m sitting in my gym sobbing happy tears because Ryan had just asked if I could also photograph him proposing during their couple shoot. All the feels!!

Ryan and Kimberly went with my two-location couple package and really made the most out of their locations! So we started on the boats in Central Park which are such a cute, easy, and fun way to add a unique little twist to your ~regular ol’ and definitely not a secret proposal couple photos! I told Ryan I would say a little password that just he and I knew when I was in a good spot for him to propose, and then…


I was basically doing backflips at how CUTE they were! My only job is to literally keep my eyes clear enough that I can keep shooting, but I just couldn’t stop crying! Ryan and Kimberly did a few laps around the pond to celebrate their new engagement, and then we all hopped off to take some dry land photos.

If you know me at all, you know I REALLY take pride in wherever I live. So if I live in New York, I am a FULL BLOWN New Yorker, like do not ever question my love for this city, it is my city, I live here, I love here, I KNOW THIS PLACE! So I channeled that innate NYC knowledge to find a literal wildflower field? In the middle of New York City? The city of PAVEMENT?? Am I a wizard??

And what’s an engagement without some champagne?

It was getting dark, but we had to grab some skyline photos to top off this unbelievably dreamy session. LIC is one of my favorite places to grab photos with the city in the background, and its just a short taxi drive from Central Park! It makes for a great, different second location!

Ryan and Kimberly are now living happily in South Korea planning their wedding for fall 2019. I am so excited to be traveling over to Dublin for their wedding next year! Cheers!

Mountain Maker Session - Chautauqua Park, Boulder

Let me begin by saying this: I love the mountains. My parents first took me to the mountains (that I can remember) in the summer of 1999 and it’s safe to say I was immediately hooked. I spent my 6th birthday in the mountains that year, and I got my first camera (a Barbie camera with a giant pink flower on the front). The mountains are where I spent my first summer away from home, when I moved to Denver with my sister for my Denver Art Museum internship. Whenever I’m feeling sick or unsure of myself, I run to the mountains. They have, quite literally, saved my life several times.

I think that’s the truth for a lot of people. I don’t know anyone who isn’t in awe of the giant rock formation jutting out of the ground, reaching up to the skies. And if you’ve never seen the flatirons in Boulder, Colorado, I’ve just described them. These incredible, larger than life, red rocks that emerge from the ground completely unannounced. So how could I not plan a photo shoot there? 

We started in downtown Boulder, over a few tacos and margaritas (my absolute favorite way to start any and all sessions!!).

One quick outfit change and a few minute later, we hit the range (like… home on the range??) for the real meat of the shoot!

This session was fun and the views were gorgeous, but lest we forget what it’s about! Nathan is A MAKER Y’ALL!!! Like a real life quilter (which I am just amazed by over and over again). He REALLY did make this quilt in these photos, and he makes other quilts too, and I’m sure that if you asked nicely he would even make you a quilt!!

The mountains!! They really restore my soul. What do they do for you?

Mommy & Me - Ice Cream Shoppe!

I’ve never been a big ice cream person (so SUE ME!), but I have ALWAYS been a big ice cream shoppe person. I’m talking small town, locally sourced, knows-your-order ice cream shoppe. We actually had one right around the corner from my childhood home while I was really young. It eventually got bought out by my best friend’s grandparents and turned into a christian bookstore (typical small town turnover). If you want to see just how long ago that was, I’ll attach a link to their website. Enjoy! It is pretty good.

So it makes sense that I’ve been dreaming of doing an ice cream shoppe session. I was all too eager when Natasha approached me about a mommy & me session, “what about a little date night feel? We’ll start at the local ice cream shoppe and then move onto the theatre!” 

All the YES.

We ran out back of the ice cream shoppe where there was a small seating area and were able to snap a few photos before Karlynne took off running haha! Luckily, Natasha came ready to play and we got some adorable photos of the two of them.  

After a few minutes of running and playing, we packed up the car and drove a few minutes into town to the old historic theatre that sits on Main Street. If I’m a sucker for old school ice cream shoppes, you can say the same about me and old school theatres. Just call me Hiroshi Sugimoto

Normally, I’d say OKIE DOKIE that’s the end of this gr8 2 location mommy & me session! BUT I have to share a few behind the scenes shots because sometimes kids are difficult to wrangle and the best way to get them to smile during the shoot is to make sure that their baby doll gets in on some of the action too. Basically a mommy & me session inside of a mommy & me session hehehe

OKIE DOKIE now that’s the end of a gr8 2 location mommy & me session!!

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