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Four Photographers, One Model

The name of the game is Four Photographers, One Model, and here are the rules:

- There are four photographers (duh)

- There is one model (still with me, here?)

- Each photographer chooses one location and corresponding outfit

- Every photographer must shoot at least one photograph of the model in each other’s location + outfit

- You’ve got four minutes to get the shot

It’s a fun Youtube challenge based off of a series by Youtuber Jessica Kobeissi. Myself and three other photographers (all of whom will be linked to throughout this post!) got together to make our own version for Andrea Fonseca’s own Youtube channel! Our videographer was Bethany, and our model was Katie! Everybody was so lovely to work with, so if you’re in NYC and need a creative, you should check them out!

Okay! First location!

LOCATION ONE: A teeny tiny small, urban park right outside of a Starbucks, with busy 1st Ave right in front. Natalia Wajda chose this location, and it was LOUD and tight! We were scrunched up against the exterior wall of Starbucks, and just as I’d get my shot… the light would change. This location was difficult, even though I do my best in front of greenery. I tried placing objects in front of the lens for the first time, too! See for yourself!

LOCATION TWO: A lush hidden garden space behind a TJ Maxx. Maybe I’m biased, because this was my chosen location! I was so excited to shoot here…. until I got one photograph in.

Somebody came outside to tell us that the garden was private, and we couldn’t photograph there :( Total bummer. But it was fine, because right across the street, we found another garden space. 

It wasn’t the secret garden look I was hoping for, but it still worked out very well! 

LOCATION THREE: Okay I’m still kicking here, but I’ve definitely started to drag, and I can’t figure out how to make this location work for me. Sophie picked it out and it IS super cute, but I’m so tired by now. 

I tried to go for some shots that utilized a few different areas than just the blue awning, so I stuck mostly to the brick wall around the corner and challenged myself to shoot from different angles than I’m used to!

LOCATION FOUR: Y’all!! WE MADE IT!! This is a street in NYC that I know pretty well, but I’ve never noticed this little archway! When Andrea picked it out, I wasn’t sure how I could use it. I was already in the mindset of utilizing different angles, so while the other girls photographed ahead of me, I was thinking about how I could use this location to my own advantage. How could I take a location I wouldn’t usually shoot in, and make the end photographs my own? 

Well I found a way. To show the model what I wanted, I threw my own booty up to the sky and laid my face on the bricks. Katie got it immediately and WOW!! So GOOD!! I only had that one shot in my mind, so the others were more of fillers. 

You can see in the video below how I shot through objects to get the photos I really wanted. This whole shoot was so outside of my comfort zone, but I’m so thankful to have been invited to participate! Be sure you watch the video, then like and subscribe on Andrea’s Youtube, and check out all the other girls who participated!

Ruz + Michael - In Home Session

I love when people ask me questions about my photography, like “how did you start?” “how do you find people?” “how do you edit?” etc etc. Today, I’m going to answer all of those questions. It’s not a big secret. The truth is: I just literally never have any idea what I’m doing. I’m just taking chances and crossing my fingers that my clients will go along with it.

Like this adorable couple, who didn’t even question it when I suggested they be my guinea pigs on my ~very first!~ in-home session. They’d just moved to a new neighborhood, and I thought- there’s really no better way to celebrate!

This was my very first in-home session. I’d been pinning inspiration photos to a Pinterest board for a few weeks, and was finally ready to take the leap! Here are a few things you’re going to need: an adorable couple, an adorable apartment, and a lot of light! 

I love how intimate this session was. They’re SO snuggly and warm everywhere! Even when they’re dancing in the living room!

After snuggling up in the apartment for a while, Ruz & Michael suggested we go out and do some date night shots in their new hood. 

And THEN!!! We ended the night at an UNREAL pie shop! From the moment we walked in, I could not stop clicking my shutter! The place was so warm and the pies were massive!

I couldn’t tell if the pie shop was as warm and snuggly as the apartment, or maybe it was just that this couple was so in love, that they fill the air with joy everywhere they go?

An Out of Towner’s Guide to San Diego

(PS for the sake of this post, I’m not going to be including iPhone photos, so there will be a mix of edited and unedited images!)

This is a guide to San Diego. Do I know enough about the city to write an entire guide? Absolutely not. I’m just a New Yorker that likes to travel! In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m gearing up for my next trip. I’ve already taken 3 trips this summer (NJ shore, Ohio, and San Diego). This weekend, I’ve got another trip to the NJ shore planned, and then next week I head off for Denver. Then 3 more trips and summer will be over! So you know… one might say I get around ;) I travel by myself pretty frequently these days, but my favorite trips are the ones I get to take with my husband, Zach (cue the mush) (it’s our third anniversary so y’all will have to deal).

On the fourth of July, Zach and I woke up and stumbled half asleep into an Uber, on our way to the airport. I used to be so scared of flying, and tbh I’m not totally over that fear. I’ve been to so many aviation museums, and my dad used to fly planes when I was younger….. but I will NEVER understand how an airplane stays up in the air. I know its simple science and engineering. I’m mostly just unwilling to learn. LEAVE MY IGNORANCE BE.

We touched down and picked up a Jeep Wrangler :’) Zach rented this for me as a birthday gift :’) Don’t ask me why I’ve always loved Jeeps, I just have. We made off toward the Zoo and Y’ALL!!! The San Diego Zoo is historic for it’s innovation in animal rehabilitation and display, but also it’s HUGE and so cool and educational!! At over 100 acres, it’s best to use the buses to get around the zoo… but I’m a New Yorker, so naturally I walked the whole thing. No lie…. we made a point to see each of the 650 species. By foot. It took us all of 4 hours, but we did it! 

And did you know that hippos are actually ENORMOUS!? Fiona never taught me that. Or that giant pandas just sit and eat all day. Me too. The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, and if you take the sky ride, you can overlook the entire park.

We noticed the sun was starting to fade, so we literally ran out of the zoo and hit the road super quickly so that we could catch the sun setting over the ocean. Something about a west coast sunset, you know? We went to Sunset Cliffs and were able to stand over the ocean from above the cliffs and look down toward the beach. Talk about gorgeous. 

OH! And can we talk about these cuties on a cliff?? Hiiiii, hit me up for you cliffside couples session!

Since your girl is broke af, I’m always looking for a cheap way to travel. I don’t want to give up traveling entirely, so I’ve gotten pretty good at finding ways to cut costs. I don’t need a 5-star hotel to stay in, and I usually save most of my money by renting out ~alternative accommodations~ ex. this super adorable Airstream!! Can you believe it was a fraction of the cost of a regular hotel or Airbnb!?

We spent the next few days exploring the beaches, hills, and neighboring cities. We drove up and down the coast, stopping at all of the vegan fast food restaurants (there are SO many!!!) and surf shops. We spent time in North Park, which is like the Brooklyn of San Diego (or so I’m told). There was a beautiful bar that I’d recommend to every single person that visits SD, called Polite Provisions and WOWOWOWOW. Gorgeous. Beautiful interior, unbelievable drinks, and amazing service that takes you back to another place and time!

Oh and did I mention I’m now married to a sk8r boi? We hit Slappy’s Garage, met a super cool videographer, and Zach got a new board (we spent a lot of time at skate parks).

And of course, the whole trip was centered NOT around the 4th of July, but around THE MOST IMPORTANT JULY HOLIDAY: my birthday :) I turned 25!! We started the ~special~ day hiking out in Mission Trails Regional Park on the Climber’s Hike. At the top of the hike, there’s a few different routes for climbing (hence the name of the trail). We don’t know how to lead climb, but we did sit and watch for a while! 

Something that was so important to me when I started seriously considering marriage with Zach was that he and I would be able to travel together. Our first adventure was to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day and it was a disaster. He touched all of my stuff and cleaned the hotel room even when I told him I prefer the mess. I thought we’d break up right then and there. But we have gotten so good at traveling together! We both know exactly what the other will want to see and do, and we tend to settle on amazing compromises. I haven’t found a better traveling buddy! This entire trip was like a dream, and if I’d taken my camera out more instead of trying to ~live in the moment~ I’d have more photos for you! Maybe on my next trip!

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