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Megan - Senior Session

Hey folks :) So here’s a fun fact. When I was younger, I thought that senior discounts referred to seniors in high school. But when I started photography, I had to decide…. would I want my senior sessions to be old people or 18 year olds. I know what you’re thinking…. bold choice to go with 18 year olds, Kara. Bold indeed. But it seems to pay off, because high school seniors these days are seriously so cool!!!

We were able to take these photos in the small beach town of Ocean City, New Jersey. I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find very many locations, but on the contrary… we had too many locations to choose from! We had so much fun, just jumping in and out of the car whenever something caught our eye!

Like take for example this tall grass…. we found it on the main street of town, in somebody’s side yard, across the street from the local pancake house. Being on the main street, a lot of cars drove in passed us, honking and laughing. Here’s what you’ve got to do as a photographer: be ready to be made fun of and gawked at. For some reason- as widespread as photography is- people are still not used to seeing photographers out and about ~in the wild~

Obviously Ocean City is on… the ocean. And where there’s an ocean, there’s often times a beach. And one of Megan’s requests was that we do photos on the beach, so we hopped on down and got to shooting! There were no spectator’s this time ;)

And finally, we found this ADORABLE little pale pink and mint green house right on the shore! The owners of the house were sitting outside, and we were trying to dodge them #socialanxiety but eventually they caught us! They just waved, smiled, and drove off haha

So, 2019 grads- what are you plans for your future!?

Benita Robledo - Blogger Session Pt 2

I just typed up a whole blog post and then the internet went out and I accidentally saved a version with all the words deleted :)

So here’s the exact same blog post. But written a little differently. ANYWAY! I’m a million sessions behind on uploading them to this blog here, and I’m so sorry for it! This is actually a part 2 to an earlier blog post I did about my session with the lovely Benita Robledo, in partnership with Sophie Stargazer Boutique

Part 2 of our session was actually done outside, along a winding unmarked back road in the middle of Pennsylvania. I had originally written up a lot of text to go with these pictures, but since all of my type got deleted…. I think the pictures will now suffice :)

So without further ado, the rest of the images from my blogger session with Benita! 

Oh look! I talked you through the whole thing anyway! :) 

Mikey + Marisa - A Downtown Wedding

Marisa contacted me a few short months ago, “I came across your beautiful work and would love to know if you could be interested in shooting my courthouse wedding in June?” She gave a few locations- the Queens Courthouse, Flushing Meadows Park, a restaurant in Long Island City. She’d found me through a Facebook group that we were both a part of- a fan club for the My Favorite Murder Podcast.

Although we bonded over our true crime obsession (it was the day after the Golden State Killer was captured and we were LIVING FOR IT), I had to email back and let her know that I was regretfully unavailable for her desired date/time. And so, life went on.

Then a few days later, I got another email. “Kara. We are now considering a different date. Maybe in Central Park. Maybe close to Manhattan. Would this new date work with you?” At this point, I’m thinking…. okay…. their wedding is about 2 months out and they don’t have a date or location selected. Yikes. But Marisa explained: her fiancé was in South Africa, awaiting his visa approval. They weren’t entirely sure when it would happen, but they figured a June wedding was a safe bet.

I emailed back- the new date was a go! 

She emailed back- the new date was no more. 

I emailed back- let me know if it changes. 

She emailed back- the date has changed!

I emailed back- somebody is interested in your date!

She emailed back- we’re ready to commit. We’ll book you for the date. We’re pretty sure it’ll be that day.

And it was. On the day of their wedding, Mikey had only been in the country for about a week! We started in City Hall Park and did some couple shots and formal family photos. It was so nice and quiet in the park that day, the weather could not have been better, and everyone’s spirits were high! We snuck over a “do not cross” fence into the green grassy area of the park (what’s the point of a park if you can’t cross over into the greenery, NYC??) and got some adorable shots! They were just so happy to be with each other finally, and it showed in their photos!

We had all met up at this location prior to their wedding, and Marisa had literally shrieked when she saw a Nathan’s Hot Dog cart. She made a point to let me know that there would be cheese fries in her wedding day photos. And we all know- the bride is always right.

We finished our time in the park with a few classic fountain photos as the couple’s family members started to show up.

Okay and how cute is Mikey with his mom? I MEAN!!!!

Alright so we did a few family photos. CASUALLY FAB.

And we headed over to the ceremony and reception venue! We shot all of the above photos (and more that are ~just for the couple~) in less than an hour! We were FLYING!!! 


I’m not crying, you’re crying!! Okay, to be fair- they totally made me cry. I never cry when I photograph weddings! It’s my job to NOT cry! I need to stay alert! Stay dry-eyed! My eyes are half of my job!! But I couldn’t help myself. You guys should’ve heard their vows. Hand-written and heartfelt, and oh so emotional. 

And now…. we party! This has always been my favorite part of every wedding. I love a good drink in one hand and some dancing shoes on my feet. Again- this couple did not disappoint! 

Ugh. SO much fun. SO much love. Cheers to the newlyweds! 

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