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Benita Robledo: Blogger Session

I emailed Benita with high hopes but low expectations. “Okay… if she says she can’t, at least I tried! If she says she can…. I guess I’ll learn how to work this new lens!” I had no idea how to reach out to somebody that had the little blue checkmark on their Instagram and a full scroll-worthy IMDB!

I was heading home to visit my mother-in-law and wait for my husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law to return home from their weeklong trip to the Grand Canyon. My MIL said she had to work all day Friday, and I had two options: I could spend the day working out, going to the gym, trying out one of the local climbing gyms. Or I could try to schedule a small photo shoot. Because I’m me, I was like “Sure, I’ll do both!” (why do I always think I have more time than I do?), which led me to scoping out #LancasterBloggers and #PAmodels on Instagram. I scrolled through so many duds before stumbling upon Benita’s page, but I was happy to finally come across it.

We had a lot of fun! She was so smart and genuine with years of experience under her belt, but still somehow managed to look (and act) so youthful! We set up a 2 hour blogger session for 2-3 looks and 1-2 locations, but it really spiraled from there.

Benita had just a few things she needed photographed and she agreed to bring along a few other outfits just for fun. Thank God she did, because we ended up using them all! We went through 10 different looks and locations in 4 hours of shooting! We both could’ve stopped after 2 hours like we agreed to beforehand, but we were making such great progress and having a total blast that we kept at it!

I’m only going to be sharing our urban session here, because there are SO many photos to go through- it deserves two different blog posts! 

Benita Robledo spent more than 10 years in the film industries in NYC and LA as an actress and director with shows like Agent Carter, Teen Wolf, and Gossip Girl and movies like What Happens in Vegas and Going the Distance (IMDB here). Now she is an ethical fashion blogger, but you could really call her an educator. She taught me so stinking much about where to shop, how to reuse, modifying your wardrobe, pinching your pennies, and more! You can find her blog here! You can follow her on Instagram here! And if you’ve got a brand yourself that you need photos for, drop me a line and let’s get together! 

An Engagement in Philly

Hi! Do you remember me? I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve written a blog post. In reality, it’s been only two weeks. I had a few projects from work that I needed to wrap up, a few shoots that needed edited, all the while preparing for guests to stay with us! Our guests just left, and we had a total blast while they were here! Those photos will be coming soon. But today!! I finally have the photos from the engagement shoot I did in Philly a few weeks ago!!

Jenny and Emily met while in high school, but didn’t date until after Jenny had graduated. It was actually so fun listening to them tell me their love story, because I had known Jenny back in high school! I still have such vivid memories of cutting her bangs for the very first time :’) I’m going to save you all some pain and suffering of having to look at throwback photos of Jenny and I together in high school (with me holding a sign that read “boys rule” UGH).

We shot in Valley Forge National Park just northwest of Philadelphia. I actually dragged my husband to downtown Philly for the day before we met up with Jenny and Emily for the shoot, and I LOVED Philadelphia!! I have recently been thinking about city life outside of New York, and honestly, Philly was vying for my heart. After doing a bit more research, I’m not sure it’s the city for me… but it’s the city for me for a day at least! 

They were such good sports with me after I basically forced Emily to climb a tree, resulting in her spraining her ankle (whoops, sorry!). She barely even flinched, and finished the photo shoot with poise! I would’ve been on the ground rolling and crying like a baby! 

This was such a great shoot and these ladies were so much fun to work with and kept making ME fold in half with laughter! I love that you can see how giggly they were in these photos. They were cracking jokes the entire time! I cannot wait to see what kinds of shenanigans their wedding holds! 

Happy Birthday, Baby!

This little person is turning one year old today! There’s nothing quite as sweet as the first year of life and watching babies go from kind of boring, very needy baby dolls to fully functioning independent miniature humans. This particular miniature human is one that I love very dearly, so for her birthday we did a super secret surprise spring shoot! 

Baby K was born during that very short period of time when the cherry blossom trees bloom, and I thought there would be no better way to commemorate this springtime babe than a cherry blossom setting with some pink monochrome post-production editing. Even better, K is a very pink baby and conveniently, cherry blossoms are v pink trees.

Happy first birthday, sweet baby girl! 

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