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A Day In The Life

I thought it would be a fun second blog post to introduce a day in the life of Kara McCurdy. Now typically during the week, I’d go to my full time job from 8-4, then tutor, hit the gym, and come home for dinner, Netflix, and photo editing. But yesterday, I had an unexpected day off from my full-time job and I documented some of it! So here’s what to do if you want to live like me:

8:15am: Wake up begrudgingly, pulled out of bed by a husband who’s a little too eager for your day off.

8:45am: Head to your local diner. If you’re lucky enough to live in New York City, you have plenty of diner options to choose from. We chose one close to our home that we hadn’t yet tried before. Coffee and fruit for me (one of the only safe vegan options at a diner), and a waffle for my husband (as always).

9:45am: Send your husband off to work and go searching for the car. If you’re unlucky enough to live in NYC, you might have to park your car on the street and be forced into trying to remember where it’s parked. The Struggle™.

10:00am: Arrive at your morning photo shoot! I set up a shoot at the Queens County Farm Museum, where I’d previously worked as a museum educator before moving on to my current job. I called ahead and asked if I could come in to do a 2-hour photo and video shoot. This was something I wanted to do as a passion project, so it’s on my dime. 

12:00pm: Pack up and leave your photo shoot, but not before grabbing some homemade honey from the farm you just photographed. I am a huge sucker for honey! This is a hot debate in the vegan universe, but I will never give this up! I was so excited to get some honey from the very same bees that I spent a year learning from and getting stung by!

12:30pm: Target. The holy grail. This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You pulled your car out of your parking spot for this. Get to it girl.

12:32pm: Realize you screwed up by going to the Long Island Target instead of the Queens Target, which is way bigger. UGH!! Whatever. Move onto the Holy Trinity (that’s Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods) to pick up some spring themed decorations! (My landlord loves my door decorations so much that she decided not to raise our rent this year because of the positivity my door decorations brought to the building.)

1:30pm Go home to refuel (all you’ve had today is fruit and coffee!) and do your dishes! Can’t believe you left those dirty dishes out all night! Slob! Clean your house, girl.

3:30pm: You need a haircut. Embarrassingly it’s been since LAST JUNE, and now it’s mid-March. Don’t tell your hairdresser (she already knows). 

4:30pm: It’s your favorite time of the day! Time to go to the gym! Some people dread this place, but my gym is a climbing gym and I love rock climbing. 

6:00pm: Dinner, bath, and editing all of the day’s photos! I stopped photographing here, but I can tell you I was definitely in bed by 10pm (every. single. night).

Contribute to the positive.

Welcome to the Blog!

Hey! If you’re here, you must know that I’ve started a blog. And if you didn’t know before- now you do! I wanted a place where I could go a little more in-depth about my latest photography endeavors! Instagram was getting a little cluttered, so I brought it over here. 

If you’re new to my page, let me start by introducing myself! I’m Kara. I’m a photographer based in New York City with a love for people, traveling, climbing, hiking, kayaking, and eating lots of food. Lots. of. food. Originally from the Midwest (O-H-I-O!), I moved to Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design where I earned a B.F.A. in Photography. I did a few short months in Denver before finally calling the beautiful neighborhood of Astoria, Queens home! I live here with my husband and together, we have a fun little shop called All Good Things. I love being involved in my community, so you’ll find me all over New York- tutoring students at a non-profit, swimming at Astoria Pool, babysitting future city slickers, teaching farming techniques at a local farm, or (most importantly) photographing the local families and small businesses in my city. 

If you have somebody or something that needs some good photography love, let me know by heading over to my contact page! If you just want to see what I’m up to lately or admire my latest work, follow along! 

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